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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  September 5, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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next year when it has the ten-year anniversary. "early start" continues right now. >> it's the final push for hillary clinton and donald trump. both set to hit the campaign trail in key battle ground states this week as both campaigns try to squash concerns of issues dogging the candidates for months. president obama in the final g-20 summit. he met with turkey and russia's leaders. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm alison kosik. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. today is labor day. traditionally marks the start of the presidential campaign, but this time around it is the start of the home stretch to november. both sides marking the occasion by ramping up rhetoric on issues that have dogged them for months now. donald trump surrogates vague
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about whether he still supports mass deportations. all except one who says trump does not. this as hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine defending the way she handled the e-mail controversy. we have kristin holmes with the latest from washington. >> reporter: advisors continuing to deflect direct questions on the immigration policy. specifically where he stands on mass deportation. mike pence and campaign manager kellyanne conway refusing to give concrete answers on what would happen to the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the united states. after enforcement actions have taken place, those with criminal records and the building of the wall, there would be an assessment.
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however, rudy giuliani not dodging the question on state of the union with jake tapper saying donald trump was no longer in favor of mass deportation. >> donald trump as he expressed in one interview recently, would find it is difficult to throw out a family that's been here for, you know, 15 years and they have three children. two of whom are citizens. that is not the kind of america he wants. >> reporter: while the trump campaign continues to work to explain those details, the clinton camp is answering questions of their own about hillary clinton's use of that private e-mail server. the issue again in the spotlight after the fbi released notes from the july interview with clinton. while the documents laid out why the fbi decided not to charge clinton, the notes telling the fbi clinton did not recall or did not remember at least 39 times. often questions about the process and training or the content of the e-mails.
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vice presidential nominee tim kaine defended clinton on sunday. >> i have sat with her while she has answered questions. she answered questions about what she did and why. she said by using one device, i made a mistake. i want all the facts to come out. >> reporter: with the labor day kickoff, donald trump and hillary clinton will cross the country with lots of campaigning in the battle ground states. both in ohio later today. alison and christine. >> thank you, kristen. president obama is in china. in just about an hour from now, he is set to hold a news conference and fly to laos for the summit. on sunday, the president met with turkey's president and britain's prime minister. the aborted coup in turkey. brexit vote in the uk. this morning, the white house is expecting a smoother arrival in laos than what we saw in china
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on saturday. when no red carpet stairs greeted the president. the spat on the tarmac over media access. for the latest from china, let's bring in michelle kosinski. the president's language, i hope don't overstate this enough. the spat on the tarmac. >> reporter: the sense among u.s. officials traveling here is almost eye rolling saying stuff like that happens all the time. maybe not so publicly and with cameras rolling. but speaking of tense, we got a lot more detail on a meeting you could say we all have been waiting for here. although this is about asia and u.s.'s relationship with china and east asian countries. this is the g-20 so there are other leaders present. including russia's vladimir putin. president obama just left a meeting with him. this is the first meeting they had in about a year.
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before that, it was about two years. these meetings are extremely rare. this one was unusually long. 90 minutes. not a formal bilateral meeting. no press conference associated with it. it was considered a pull aside. an hour and a half is a long time to sit down with putin out. there was a lot to discuss. namely syria. there is no agreement yet on trying to craft a cease-fire with the u.s. and russia and assad regime over that country. they tried to work out where the gaps are and where the agreement is trying to get that done. the goal is to have secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister meet soon in the coming days. they have been trying to get a little bit closer. also cyber security. officials in the u.s. fully
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believe russia hacked the democratic national committee political e-mail systems in the u.s. possibly with the view of influencing the american election. that was discussed. although the u.s. official who is giving us this information did not want to go into detail. they did not go into great detail on that although that is a huge issue because it is an extremely sensitive topic. that is something the u.s. and russia will continue to discuss. the situation in ukraine as well. whether russia will agree to the stipulations that were laid out for them a year ago to basically stop the fighting there and give up the part of ukraine that russia had taken over. these issues are big. the differences are broad. the u.s. official was describing the meeting at the very least constructive. christine. >> thank you, michelle kosinski. maybe a holiday today, but
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plenty of politics on this holiday weekend. cnn's eugene scott is joining us from washington. thank you for waking up with us on this labor day holiday we have today. one thing struck me. massive confusion about where donald trump stands on immigration. we have hillary clinton who cannot figure on the e-mails. on the other side, the cornerstone to his campaign is immigration. it is interesting to see his campaign manager and running mate on the morning talk shows and the reaction to the immigration policy. listen to this. >> he's been completely consistent on this point. >> no, he has not. he had deportation -- >> he has not been consistent of what to do with the 11 or 15 million. >> there are people in different
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circumstances in that category. >> if they aren't criminals, they have to go? >> he said you should stand in line and emigrate legally. >> the clarifications are not clarifying anything. if the media is confused, what about the voters? >> i talked to one of our editors about it yesterday. i said the only thing that is clear is it is unclear. i was in phoenix last week when mr. trump spoke about his immigration policy. he said at that time if you are in the country illegally, you are subject to being deported. he has not said anything since then that would go back on that. so the argument that he's changed significantly from that is just not true. i think one of the reasons that there is some uncertainty is a recent pew study said the
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overwhelming of republicans and republican leaning do not support deporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. if donald trump wants to win the election, he has to get the support of the republican establishment as well as more mainstream conservatives. >> it is interesting to me. the risk here for donald trump from his original policy of deportation force and get them out. the risk here is he starts to soften to the status quo. the status quo is if 250,000 people were deported last year, the president has been criticized for deporting so many people. on the same time, the president had the executive order where the children of people who came illegally and raised in the country for years. he wanted to stay their deportations. that is what you are hearing from rudy giuliani. the risk here as donald trump learns more about what is the
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immigration system in the country, he is proposing to do what the president is doing right now. >> yeah. that was a point that the former new york mayor made yesterday on our show, i believe. i think he wants to highlight that donald trump is softening on this issue and becoming more sensitive to the complexity of it and reality of it and realizing not all undocumented immigrants in the u.s. are immigrants, but families and children and human beings. you saw the clinton campaign released a statement pushing back on his use of softening the language to back hard policies. >> if you look at the timing of when this is happening, we are 64 days before the election. voters who are looking to vote for donald trump, let's say, how are they feeling? how are the undecided voters thinking who are still on the fence about who they will vote
2:11 am
for when there is confusion of the cornerstone of donald trump's campaign? >> we saw recently former presidential candidate sarah palin who was one of the first high profile candidates could come out and support donald trump articulate that she would be highly disappointed if mr. donald trump backed away from some of the key components of his immigration policy which this is one of. i think what the trump campaign is trying to say now is this is not as much of a key component of the policy as building the wall. it remains to be seen which direction the campaign will take and who they are focused on maintaining. the base or new voters. >> eugene, thank you for being up early with us on this labor day. thank you. talk to you in a few minutes. 11 minutes past the hour. hermine is weakening, but the threat is alive. flooding hitting the beaches this holiday weekend. we are live in an area with a
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this morning, a new storm track for hermine. a shift taking it further out to sea. do not be lulled. 7 million people still under tropical storm warnings. beach goers face life threatening surf and rip currents. for the latest on the storm's effects. let's bring in brin gingras on montauk. >> reporter: christine, it is beautiful right now. the good news with this storm at this point for people out here on montauk, there's no rain. there is wind. that is an issue that officials are keeping an eye on.
2:17 am
another issue is the fact there is riptide concerns. we are about an hour past the low tide point. the waves are crashing close to a few yards away from houses and hotels on this part of the island. so you can imagine when it turns to a high tide point, that we might have issues. that is the concern. coastal flooding and riptides remain. this area obviously part of that tropical storm warning. people here are not quite concerned. some people say we are going to head back home at this point and not enjoy the last day of the labor day weekend here for vacation. others are finding it beautiful taking pictures of the sunset and doing what they can to see how the storm affected the area.
2:18 am
it has been a nuance out to sea. i want to show you video of a passenger on the anthem of the seas cruise ship. that was sailing from new jersey to bermuda. they actually went through hermine. you can imagine what that was like with the waves. a lot of sea sick passengers. if you recall, anthem of the seas had an issue in february. not a good cruise ship to be on especially during hermine. we will keep an eye on the flooding concerns. >> enjoy the sun. enjoy the sand. stay out of the surf. that is the bottom line. brynn, thank you. >> i was getting sea sick watching that video. college football kicking off with spectacular games, including double overtime thriller last night. coy wire has details in this morning's bleacher report next. (wol wl eartburn creeping up on you.
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we should fit into your life. not the other way around. notre dame and texas. two of college teams went down to the wire last night. >> we have coy wire with the drama. >> good morning. what a wild first weekend of college football. seven ranked teams go down. the most ever on opening weekend. one of them is tenth ranked notre dame upset by the unranked texas longhorns. a sea of burnt orange and hook em horns. trying for the extra point. it's blocked.
2:24 am
john crawford with the scoop and score. ties up the game. then all the way to double overtime. it was time for swoops. tyrone swoopes on the keeper. across the goal line for the win. texas upset the mighty fighting irish. 50-47. dale earnhardt jr. he announced he is done racing for the season so he can recover from a concussion. he fought vision and balance issues ever since the wreck. >> we decided to make this decision to not race anymore. i think it is the right decision considering how i feel personally and physically. i definitely don't belong in a race car today. >> finally, another pro athlete following in the footsteps of colin kaepernick in protesting
2:25 am
racial injustice and police brutality in america. megan rapinoe. after the match, she told american soccer now that kneeling was quote a nod to kaepernick and everything's standing for right now. she tweeted saying it is the least i can do. keep the conversation going. we have seen kaepernick's nfl teammates join him and now athletes from other sports. kaepernick's jersey sales have skyrocketed. >> interesting. >> interesting to see the fan reaction on all that. i'm sure it will continue. coy, thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump ready for the final push. the first debate is three weeks away. both candidates are cleaning up issues weighing them down. trump on immigration.
2:26 am
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hillary clinton and donald trump entering the final stages of the 2016 race. both campaigns turning to top advisors to address lingering questions for the candidates. president obama taking in the final moments of his last g-20 summit. meeting with the top world leaders including vladimir putin. can progress be made on syria and trade and other key issues? welcome back to "early start." i'm alison kosik. >> i'm christine romans. it is 30 minutes past the hour. nice to see you. today is labor day. it marks traditionally the start of the presidential campaign. but this is the start of the last phase of the campaign that has been going on for the last year. donald trump's surrogates mostly
2:31 am
vague about whether he still supports mass deportations. all except one surrogate who says trump does not. this as hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine defends her handling of the e-mail controversy. cnn's kristen holmes as the latest from washington. >> reporter: christine and alison, trump officials continuing to deflect questions on the candidate's immigration policy. specifically where he stands on the issue of mass deportation. presidential candidate mike pence and manager kellyanne conway refusing to give answers on what happens to the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the united states. after the actions have taken place of those with criminal records and building of the wall, there would be a reassessment regarding the
2:32 am
undocumented immigrants. however, rudy giuliani not dodging the question on saturday. saying donald trump was no longer in favor of mass deportation. >> donald trump suggested in one interview says he would find it difficult to throw out a family that has been here for 15 years and three children. two of whom are citizens. that is not the kind of america he wants. >> reporter: while the trump campaign continues to work to explain those details, the clinton camp is answering questions of their own over the private e-mail server. this coming up after the fbi released notes from the july interview with clinton. the fbi decided not to charge clinton, but she said she did not recall or did not remember at least 39 times in the notes. over the process or training or
2:33 am
content of the e-mails. tim kaine defended clinton on sunday. >> i sat with her while she has answered questions. while she answered questions about what she did and why. she said look, but using one device i made a mistake. i apologize for it and i learned something from it. i would not do it again. >> reporter: with the labor day kickoff, donald trump and hillary clinton will cross the country this week with the campaigning in battle ground states. both candidates will be in ohio later today. >> thank you, kristen. happening now, president obama in china wrapping up the fine atal g-20 summit. he will then fly to laos for the asean summit. this morning, the white house is expecting a smoother arrival in
2:34 am
laos than on saturday in china. that is when there wasn't any red carpet there greeting air force one. there was a spat on the tarmac between chinese and u.s. officials over media access. for the latest from china, let's bring in cnn's michelle kosinski. michelle, a lot of headlines from the g-20. a lot of headlines getting my attention is the sideline conversations and discussions going between russia and the u.s. about syria and the breakdown of talks there. >> reporter: this kind of meeting doesn't happen often at all. when you look at the last time president obama met face-to-face with vladimir putin, it was about a year ago. they met about twice in a span of a couple of weeks. before that time, it had been two years because of russia's incursion into ukraine. now there is a lot more to talk about. more that irritates the united
2:35 am
states. namely russia's ties to the assad regime bombarding syria continually and how that plays into ultimately fighting isis. now we know the intense talks with the u.s. and russia over the last couple days and extending well before that haven't reached an agreement. you have both presidents sitting down for longer than expected. this was an hour and a half meeting. very unusual. to try to hammer that out. what we know about where the gaps are, the u.s. official telling us about the meeting did not want to go into a lot of detail. we will hear from the president on this very soon. he did say he thinks russia is painting the opposition to the assad regime too broad. remember, the u.s. is funding and helping some of the groups that are both opposed to the assad regime and fighting isis. it is a complicated situation. the u.s. feels like there has
2:36 am
been progress made toward a cease-fire in syria, but it is not just there yet. they want the meetings with secretary of state john kerry and the russian counterpart to continue. there is another as expert. the suspected hack of the democratic national committee and the possibility that russia may be trying to meddle in the u.s. election. we know this hack issue came up. as for the details of the politics of this, we are told the issue is so sensitive, they did not get into that detail. that is one more problem the u.s. has had with russia. vladimir putin in the last couple days called this relationship frozen. alison. >> and president obama speaking in less than an hour. "new day" will have that. michelle, thank you. >> let's sort through the political fray this holiday weekend. we have eugene scott live with us from washington. >> good morning.
2:37 am
>> i want to get your perspective on the weekend and what we learned this weekend about donald trump and what he really believes about immigration. let's listen to mike pence and kellyanne conway. they are giving the broad brush strokes of what he thinks. >> he has been completely consistent on this point. >> no, he has not. he had deportation force center. he is not consistent on what to do with the 11 or 15 million. >> but there are people in different circumstances. >> if they aren't criminals, do they have to go? >> he has said you should stand in line and emigrate legally. >> what does donald trump believe here about the undocumented immigrants here? >> the last word we have
2:38 am
received from trump about the people here in the country illegally, you are subject to be deported. that is what he said on wednesday. that's the latest we have from him. yesterday, on our network, we had trump advisor former mayor rudy giuliani say that trump would find it quote very, very difficult to deport families. >> what is a voter to do? if you are a tried and true trump supporter or on the fence. this issue is important. what do you do? >> i think what governor pence wants voters to focus on is he has been consistent with his desire to build a wall. i think they are hoping to deflect other components. if you are a voter and you are republican leaning, you are more likely not to support deporting undocumented immigrants.
2:39 am
this is not a big make or break issue. >> also over the weekend, also from governor pence, maybe we will get a peek at the tax returns. >> donald trump and i are both going to release our tax returns. i'll release mine in the next week. donald trump will release his at the completion of the audit. >> for a half second, i thought that was news. then that is what we thought. donald trump out from under an audit, he would release returns. the irs says there is not preventing him from releasing returns under audit. >> absolutely it is important to note that republican lawmakers who said he should release his returns. i think the campaign thinks this is a compromise.
2:40 am
they want to see where trump's investments with business and international affairs and philanthropic efforts. >> you know, with all the discussion about immigration and trump's immigration policy. some viewers may have forgotten that trump visited the black church in detroit. listen to what he said there. >> we must love each other and support each other. and we are in this all together. all together. i fully understand that the african-american community is suffering from discrimination and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> he also talked about fixing the economic hardships that black communities face. how much did this resonate? >> i think it was received well and warmly by some people in the
2:41 am
congregation at the time. we saw significant protests outside of the church. there were many people i talked to on the ground and on social media who said at best, this is a start. what does it look like to improve the economic situations in detroit and the rest of urban america. quite frankly, outside urban america where many black voters live. people want to see more regarding policy and proposal ideas than a one-off word here and there. there has been a desire for many voters to see him apologize for some of the things he said in this campaign that they view problematic they view to race relations. >> so much going on. thank you for joining us. >> i love it when he gets up early for us. america's economy has a problem. workers are not producing as much as they once did. worker productivity is at the lowest level in four decades. in the 1990s, productivity rose
2:42 am
2.2%. since the great recession, it has been crawling along barely at 1%. how do you fix this? businesses need to invest in things like factories and tools and research. others say the way the government calculates worker productivity is flawed. it is not taking into consideration the smartphone economy. it is easy to calculate the factory worker per hour, but it is hard to calculate someone's job involving social media. we thought the storm would be huge, but hermine is weakening. the threat is still remaining very much alive. flooding at the beach this holiday monday. we are live in one of the areas under a tropical storm warning. that's next. and a programming note. a special report. two of them. both presidential nominees. personal stories from those who know them best. join us for "unfinished business, the essential hillary
2:43 am
clinton" at 8:00 and followed by "all business, the essential donald trump" at 10:00. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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this morning, there's a new storm track for hermine. a big shift taking it further out to sea. don't be lulled. 7 million people are still under tropical storm warnings. holiday beach goers face life threatening surf and rip currents as well. let's get the latest on the storm's path with brynn gringras on montauk. i see the waves behind you. they are awesome. >> reporter: they are awesome, alison. christine said last time stay out of the water. that is what the officials are saying although the beaches are closed on long island because of the waves. i will say we talked to a police officer 20 minutes ago.
2:48 am
he said the waves don't look that impressive. although people do come here to surf. they are crashing further up on the shore. coastal flooding is also still a concern for those areas that are still in the tropical storm warning area. this is about an hour and a half after the low tide this morning. high tide comes at 11:00 this morning. that is when officials will keep their eyes on high tide. as the high tide comes in we could have flooding and that is what officials are prepared for. winds could gust up to 45 miles per hour. we have not seen that, but it could increase as the morning goes on. that is what the officials are dealing with in montauk this morning. >> it may look great, but dangerous out there. >> reporter: that's right. tempting. >> tempting, but dangerous. this weekend, on parts of long
2:49 am
island, they were giving tickets to people. let's look at what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota joining us now. >> hi, ladies. have you noticed we never use these stairs in our studio? >> go for it. >> i'm not only changing that, but i'll find out what is at the top of these. i'll get back to you on that. we have a fascinating woman who just has written a book. she is one of the only combat helicopter pilots, female, to fight in iraq and afghanistan. her memoir is fascinating how dangerous it is to fly the helicopters really low to the ground. amber smith will be with us. also, we will talk about who the winners and losers were from the campaign trail this weekend. for a holiday weekend, a lot happened out there. we will see what is going with the trump and clinton campaigns. all of that when i see you at the top of the hour. >> make sure you video what is
2:50 am
at the top of the stairs. >> you climb the corporate ladder, sister. tell us. are you driving this labor day? if so, we have some good news for you. we will have an early start on your money next.
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no deal. talks between the u.s. and russia have concluded without an agreement on military cooperation to better target isis, al qaeda and other extremist groups in syria. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart have been meeting on the sidelines of the g-20 to try to strike a deal. cnn's jomana karadsheh is live for us in amman, jordan with the latest. so where did the talks break down? >> reporter: this is what we are expecting to hear in the latest
2:55 am
hour, alison, of what happen behind closed doors and how the talks broke down. we are getting few details according to senior officials without going into details, they are saying there were disagreements and issues that still needed to be resolved. they are describing them as technical issues and issues with implementation of any deal. at this point in time, no one is going into specifics. we know from officials the 19-minute meeting with president obama and vladimir putin on the sidelines of the g-20 summit, they instructed foreign minister lavrov and secretary of state kerry, they are to work on this in the coming days for a deal. one of the main key issues they were working on is a military agreement to try to boost
2:56 am
cooperation with the united states and russia when it comes to going after extremist groups in syria and to try to prevent civilian casualties. in the past, we know there have been disagreements with u.s. and russia when it comes to difficudefining an extremist groups when it comes to russia bombing moderate rebels. the main issue here is the humanitarian aid. there was hope to reach agreement. we would see a pause in the fighting to allow desperately needed humanitarian aid in the needed areas. >> so much need for that aid. jamai jomana, thank you. let's get an early start on your money. friday, we learned how the labor market is doing with the latest release of the jobs report. 151,000 jobs added in august. fewer than the 275,000 new jobs
2:57 am
added in july. the jobless rate is the 4.9%. we have seen people come off the sidelines entering the labor market. that keeps the unemployment rate moving up. team trump will try to find weaknesses in the report. issuing a scathing statement on the report. also talking about the number of people working part-time and wanting to work full-time. prices for the holiday are the lowest level since 2004. the national average for a gallon is $2.21. the summer of low gas prices means big savings for drivers. how big? $18.9 billion extra in your pocket. not you, right? you probably have an extra $320 in savings in your pocket. the average u.s. household thanks to plunging gas prices. it is apple week. tim cook will take to the stage to unveil the latest iphone.
2:58 am
what can we expect? a new shade of black, upgraded camera or a water resistant phone. the most controversial update. rumors of the head phone jack could be removed. apple saw iphone sales drop for the first time this year. donald trump still struggling to answer where he stands on mass deportations and hillary clinton having trouble answering questions about her e-mails. "new day" starts now. >> president obama taking in the final moments of the final g-20 summit. >> this moment we all have been waiting for. a meeting with russia president vladimir putin. >> president obama speaking live this hour. donald trump would find it very, very difficult to throw out a family. >> he has been consistent on this point. people in different
2:59 am
circumstances. >> if they are criminals, they are going immediately. >> i think hillary clinton has no clue. >> donald trump openly encouraged cyber hacking. a president was impeached and had to resign in 1972. all eyes on hermine this labor day weekend. >> we are concerned about the effects of the storm. a system that is not moving can be big trouble. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." happy labor day to all of you. hope you had the day off. it is monday, september 5th, 6:00 in the east. john berman joins me. >> good morning. >> we begin with breaking news. president obama and president vladimir putin continuing to talk to end civil war in syria. >> they continue to negotiate, but the headline is there is no
3:00 am
deal yet. a lot feel this could be seen as a failure so far. president obama will talk about syria and weigh in on the presidential election here. the race is a bit closer than a few weeks ago. we will bring you the comments live when the g20 summit coming to an end just as north korea fires three ballistic missiles. a lot going on. we want to begin with michelle kosinski live in china. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: hi, john. yeah, a lot of what the president is trying to do here is manage relationships, deal with relationships that are in some cases extremely difficult, including the relationship with china itself. the president sat down with the president of china for four hours during this trip. keep in mind, this is likely the president's last trip to asia, the last time he'll get the chance to have these conversations, which are difficult. the president


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